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NVDA Monthly Seasonal Trading Strategy 14860%


In the ever-evolving landscape of the stock market, seasonal trends can offer a strategic edge to the astute investor. Today, we’ll explore a fascinating angle on trading that leverages these patterns, specifically focusing on the performance of NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) through a monthly seasonality strategy. This approach, which many may overlook, can unlock potential opportunities for those ready to delve into the temporal rhythms of the market.

Company Overview

NVIDIA Corporation, a trailblazer in the technology sector, is renowned for its groundbreaking work in graphics processing units (GPUs). These GPUs are not just pivotal in rendering high-definition images for gaming but are also instrumental in driving innovation across various fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and data centers. NVIDIA’s expansive product suite, including the GeForce for gamers, Quadro for professionals, Tesla for AI research, and more, positions the company at the forefront of the tech industry.

Strategy Overview

Our analysis fixates on a monthly seasonality trading strategy, executed from the start of January 2003 to the end of December 2022, spanning nearly 20 years. The strategy operates with a long position in the following months: February, May, August, and November, identified through historical performance as periods of potential gain for NVDA. During this time, the strategy was active for approximately 34.48% of the time, indicating a selective yet impactful market presence.


Key Performance Indicators

The strategy’s backtest results are compelling, showcasing an end equity of over $1.49 million from an initial capital of $10,000. The peak equity reached approximately $1.56 million, reflecting a remarkable return of over 14,860%, slightly below the buy & hold strategy’s return of approximately 15,420%. Annually, the strategy delivered a return of about 28.49%, a testament to its robust design and execution.


StrategyBuy and Hold
Start Date2003-01-022003-01-02
End Date2022-12-302022-12-30
Duration7302 days7302 days
Exposure Time [%]34.4899.96
Equity Final [$]1496050.461550859.74
Equity Peak [$]1563210.133540915.55
Return [%]14860.515408.6
Return (Ann.) [%]28.4928.72
Volatility (Ann.) [%]43.3668.76
Sharpe Ratio0.660.42
Sortino Ratio1.370.85
Calmar Ratio0.610.34
Max. Drawdown [%]-46.77-85.08
Avg. Drawdown [%]-6.08-7.21
Max. Drawdown Duration1363 days3103 days
Avg. Drawdown Duration62 days48 days
# Trades801
Win Rate [%]75.0100.0
Best Trade [%]83.3915408.75
Worst Trade [%]-25.0715408.75
Avg. Trade [%]6.4615408.75
Max. Trade Duration33 days7300 days
Avg. Trade Duration30 days7300 days
Profit Factor4.02nan
Expectancy [%]7.5415408.75

Risk Management

Risk assessment is crucial in trading, and our strategy navigates this with an annualized volatility of around 43.36%. The Sharpe Ratio stands at 0.657, indicating a respectable risk-adjusted return. The strategy witnessed a maximum drawdown of about 46.77%, with an average drawdown close to 6.08%. The duration of these drawdowns varied, with the longest lasting over 1363 days and the average around 62 days.


Trade Analysis

The strategy involved 80 trades with an impressive win rate of 75%. The best trade soared at 83.39%, while the worst saw a decline of 25.07%. On average, each trade yielded a 6.46% return. Trades typically lasted 30 days, with the longest enduring 33 days. The profit factor was robust at 4.022, and the expectancy of the trades stood at an encouraging 7.54%.



In conclusion, the detailed examination of the monthly seasonality trading strategy for NVDA reveals a potent approach to market timing based on historical trends. While the buy & hold strategy provided a slightly higher return, the seasonality strategy offered competitive returns with potentially lower risk exposure, evidenced by a lower maximum drawdown. As with any strategy, investors should consider their risk tolerance, investment horizon, and the unique characteristics of NVDA before embarking on this seasonal trading journey.